Levoit – brand profile (air purifiers)

Company info

Levoit is a relatively new California based company established in 2017, headquartered in Anaheim Orange County.

The company currently has 10 air purifier products on the market and also sells a range of humidifiers, salt lamps and yoga essentials which includes yoga mats and towel kits.

Levoit air purifiers are modern and sleek in design meaning they would blend well into a home or office with modern decor.

The companies air purifier prices range from $90 to $200 depending on power, energy efficiency and advanced features included like app and wifi integration, timers and air quality indicators.

The brand’s unique 360 degree ‘top grid design’ claims to filter up to 40% more air per hour and purify 40% faster than other leading purifiers.


Levoit air purifier product range

Below is a quick overview of the brands available products and key features of each model:

vista 200         Boasts low energy usage due to brushless motor

core 300          215 sq ft room capabilities and almost voiceless sleep mode

Vital 100          Purifies a rooms air 3. 3 times per hour rooms as large as 300 sq. ft.

LV-PUR131S    wifi integration to control purifier via an app including on/off schedules and timer functions

LV-PUR131      no wifi but suitable for larger room size and features a smart mode to set fan speeds automatically

LV-H132          An older model (released in 2017) but very affordable and solid product

LV-H126          Features a fabric front cover design and suits a smaller room size – 161 ft²

LV-H133          Larger and more powerful – 538 sq ft room, 3 fan speeds, auto mode and 2 year warranty

LV-H134          Laser dust sensor and real time air quality feedback via illuminated air quality indicator rings

LV-H135          Air quality indicator, auto mode and larger room 463Ft² coverage.

Top Levoit air purifier product

The Vista 200 true HEPA air purifier is our chosen top product from the Levoit brand as it comes in at an affordable mid-price range, boasts an impressive range of features, slightly edging ahead of the LV-H132 due to sleeker design and timer function. Also the Vista was released in 2019 making it one of the brands newer products which means it has benefited from past research, ongoing product development and product feedback.

The Vista 200 is a good candidate for multiple use cases including pet hair/dander, eliminating allergens and tacking air dust and unwanted odors.

The power of the purifier unit means it would suit a small room like a bedroom, living room, nursery or home office and tackle up to 161 sq ft

Also replacement filters are affordable at around $15 each and should last 5 – 7 months.


LEVOIT Air Purifiers for Home Allergies and Pets Hair, H13 True HEPA Air Purifier Filter, Quiet Filtration System in Bedroom, Removes Smoke Odor Dust Mold, Night Light & Timer, Vista 200

LEVOIT Air Purifiers for Home Allergies and Pets Hair, H13 True HEPA Air Purifier Filter, Quiet Filtration System in Bedroom, Removes Smoke Odor Dust Mold, Night Light & Timer, Vista 200

  • Designed in California: 100% ozone free, does not use UV or ions which produce trace amounts of measurable ozone, a harmful air pollutant and lung irritant. Enjoy fresh air that’s completely natural and healthy to breathe
  • Save on Energy Costs: Thanks to the advanced brushless motor, the air purifier consumes as little as 0. 9W of electricity. Running this air purifier 24 hours a day for an entire year can cost as little as dollar 6—up to 30% less than other air purifiers
  • 3-Stage Filtration: Pre-Filter, H13 True HEPA Filter, and High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter work seamlessly together to eliminate dust mites, mold spores, allergens, odors, pet dander, smoke, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds)


Levoit customer review analysis

As part of this brand review we analysed 400 customer reviews of Levoit products and found the following terms were commonly mentioned in a positive light.


Mentions Term % Examples of term use
115 bedroom 28% being able to use in a bedroom (overnight)
102 allergies 25% helping with allergies symptoms
84 dust 21% reducing dust in the home
70 sleep 17% being able to sleep with the purifier running
69 quiet 17% being quiet whilst running

This tells us that the Vista 200 air purifier is a good choice for tackling dust, allergens and is well suited to being situated in a bedroom. As it can be left running overnight due to it’s quiet fan noise levels.

Levoit Pros

  • Affordable pricing across a wide product range
  • Sleek and appealing product designs with advanced features
  • 360 degree air intake
  • Durable brushless motors with long lifespan
  • Good energy consumption ratings

Levoit Cons

  • Relatively newly established company 2017
  • 360 degree air intake purifiers need to placed away from walls for ventilation
  • Not recyclable products

Levoit air air purificiation process

All Levoit air purifiers use a three stage purification process which includes the following stages:

Stage 1 –

A fine preliminary filter, which helps neutralize airborne bacteria, pet dander, mold, and fungi.

Stage 2 –

A true HEPA filter which then traps dust mites, large particles, and pollen.

Stage 3 –

The final activated carbon filter stage of filtration, purifies various household odors such as cooking smells, pet odors, and cigarette smoke.

Levoit air purifiers take in the pollutants, while you and your family breathe in the fresh results.

Why choose an Levoit air purifier

Levoit air purifiers are a great choice as the company has a wide product range which benefits from innovative features and best-in-class purification processes.

Also Levoit purifiers are affordable, sleek in terms of design and have the assurance of manufacturer warranty and lifetime support. Levoit is a solid choice for someone looks for a desirable looking product which packs a solid level of performance.

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