Best wall mounted air purifiers – top 10 products in 2023


This buyers guide gives a rundown of the best 10 wall mounted air purifiers on the market. There’s something here for every budget, room size or installation option.

Wall mounting an air purifier is a great way to go if floor space is limited or you are worried about the potential hazard a floor unit could present to kids, pets or the elderly. A unit attached to the wall means you can rest easy without having to worry about wires becoming a trip hazard or people stumbling over the unit.

Attaching an air purifier to the wall can ensure good air circulation (due to the unit’s elevated position) and keep surface areas of a room clear and help to avoid clutter building up in your home.

This guide runs through advice like how and where to wall mount a purifier, the main benefits of placing an air purifier on a wall and runs through the most compelling features and technical specs of the best products we have found and tested.

Best wall mounted air purifiers - top 10 products in 2023

At a glance

Hopefully this info is helpful for anyone considering which wall mounted air purifier to go for and answers any questions people may have!

Here’s an overview of the best wall mounted air purifiers for different budgets and needs!

There are not many air purifiers on the market which are designed to be wall mounted but there are some great purifiers available from well-known brands like Medify, Rabbit Air as well as cheaper options from less well known brands like NewPad and Air Aura.

Top Product

It’s been difficult to choose just one wall mounted air purifier option as our editor’s pick as there are a number of top performers. Ultimately the decision of which is the best air purifier will come down to certain needs and aspects like size of the room the purifier will be used in, feature set and finally visual design. This is more important for wall mounted air purifiers than floor or desktop devices as once the unit is mounted on a wall it will be quite visible.

So without further ado our top choice is the Rabbit Air Ultra Quiet A3!

The Ultra Quiet A3 is our top choice because it uses cutting edge air cleaning technology, the purifier has an advanced feature offering, the unit itself looks great and can be controlled via the Rabbit Air app or Amazon Alexa.

Also the A3 uses a 6 stage air filtering process which can be customized to specific needs which is a big plus. The variety of customizable and interchangeable front panels also means you can make the unit fit in well with your room and existing decor.

The Medify MA-35, Rabbit Air A2 and New pad are all very good products which may suit people depending on budgets, room size and desire for certain features. But overall we feel the Ultra Quiet A3 is the best overall choice!

Rabbit Air Ultra Quiet A3

A great high end option with a six stage filtration process, custom filter options (germ, odor, pet, toxins) which uses laser particle sensing technology!

Best Buys

Hathaspace – brand profile (air purifiers)

Best all rounder option for medium sized rooms

Hathaspace – brand profile (air purifiers)

Best high end all round option

Hathaspace – brand profile (air purifiers)

Best medical grade option

Hathaspace – brand profile (air purifiers)

Best smart features

Hathaspace – brand profile (air purifiers)

Best all round budget option

Hathaspace – brand profile (air purifiers)

Best for small spaces

Hathaspace – brand profile (air purifiers)

Best wall mounted high end option

The main benefits of a wall mounted air purifier

There are a few benefits to having a wall mounted air purifier, mainly around safety, better visual aesthetics and using less wall space, which is especially important in a smaller living space. 

Read on to understand the key benefits of using a wall mounted air purifier:


Safety has to be one of the key benefits of wall mounting an air purifier as the elevated position means the unit will be out of reach of the small hands of children, the paws of household pets and presents less of a trip hazard to the elderly as the units cables can be hidden in walls or secured against a wall. 

Some air purifiers will also come with features like a child lock which means that even if the unit can be reached it won’t present a risk. 

Having a unit on the floor in some environments can be a hazard due to loose power leads and the unit itself can easily be tripped over, so knowing a unit is secured on a wall in a fixed position will give you great  peace of mind.

Unrestricted airflow

Wall mounting an air purifier unit will mean that there are no obstructions around the unit and most wall mounted units are specifically designed to be able to pull in air from all around the unit, often making them more effective than a unit placed on the floor. 

If your home is somewhat cluttered or things are moved around a lot then it can be great having a wall mounted air purifier as you know it is working hard from one position whilst other things in the room like furniture, kids toys or paperwork are constantly moving.

Sometimes floor units are placed in rooms full of clutter which means they aren’t as effective as they could be – if this is the case then placing an air purifier on the wall could be a great idea to improve air cleaning results.

Ambient air

If you get the placement of a wall mounted air purifier right in a room it can be super effective due to air movement. For example a unit placed near an entrance or in a position where the surrounding air is frequently mixed up will mean it can pull air into the unit quickly and cycle through the ambient air in the room to make the space feel fresher and cleaner.

Lighter units

Air purifiers which have been designed to be mounted on a wall can be lighter due to having to be wall mounted which means they are easier to move around or install then heavier floor units. This can be helpful if you have mobility issues or would like to use a purifier where someone elderly lives.

Often sleeker design due to high visibility

As wall mounted air purifiers tend to be more on display than floor units, their designers seem to have taken steps to make the wall units more visually appealing or customizable with covers or add texture and design to their front panels. If you are going to be able to see your purifier easily and frequently or it’s in a high visibility spot then it makes sense to choose one that looks nice!

Cables can be hidden – trip hazard and less ugly

Having power cables laying around can be unsightly and dangerous as they can easily be tripped over. This is where wall mounted air purifiers can be great as you can hide power cables in a wall cavity or use cable ties to keep them out of sight or at the least super tidy. A win for minimalists.

Medify MA-35

$400 range

Alen – brand profile (air purifiers)


  • Medical grade 3 stage filter with activated carbon filter
  • Sleek design with display hidden on the side out of sight
  • Available in black, white and silver
  • Remote control


  • No app
  • Not super cheap
  • No UV light
  • Can only be mounted horizontally

Medify MA-35 features

  • Replacement filter indicator
  • TVOC indicator light
  • Touch screen operation panel
  • Available in black, white and silver
  • Environment color coded indicator – show air quality level
  • Auto mode
  • 0-24 hour timer
  • Sleep mode (dims panel lights)
  • 4 fan speeds
  • Child lock

The Medify MA-35 is a great all rounded option as it can be wall mounted via a supplied kit or positioned like any other air purifier on a floor or surface via the use of an accessory to help the purifier stand up.

It has a room coverage reach of 640 square feet a CADR rating of 290 and uses a medical grade three stage filtration process which include a pre filter for larger air particles, a H13 true HEPA filter and then activated carbon for removal of odors and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It’s capable of removing particles from the air down to 0.1 microns in size.

It has a sleek design which looks somewhat like a wall heater or radiator making it feel natural in most room settings and is available in black, white or silver so can be selected to fit the environment or room well.

The unit’s controls and touch screen display is hidden on the side of the unit which is out of sight and has filters which are stated to last around 6 months or 2,500 hours of usage.

Medify provides a lifetime warranty on this model if you order replacement filters directly from their website.

Medify is a company which was founded by parents who wanted to provide relief to their daughters suffering from asthma and this unit is one of a wide range which gives confidence in the brand and product development over time.

The $400 price point means the purifier is very middle of the range in terms of costs but the unit comes with a lot of features and functionality including air quality indicator, 4 fan speeds, several modes like auto, timer and sleep.

Coverageup to 640 square feet 
CADR Rating290
Max Decibels / Noise Levelup to 66 dB
Power Consumption (wattage)up to 40 watts

Rabbit Air A3 SPA-1000N

$750 range

Alen – brand profile (air purifiers)


  • Very powerful and thorough 6 stage cleaning process 
  • Great app and smart home device integration
  • Can be mounted upside down and has a flippable front panel


  • Very expensive
  • No Google Home support 
  • Unit is on the larger side

Rabbit Air A3 SPA-1000N features

  • Interchangeable panels – famous artwork, Hello Kitty and Peanuts
  • App and Alexa smart device connectivity options
  • Changeable color schemes and lights 
  • 5 speed modes 
  • Scheduler by hour

The A3 from Rabbit Air is the granddaddy of wall mounted air purifiers, yes it’s the most expensive purifier we reviewed but it’s also the best on offer in terms of filter technology, features, design and options. This is what has made it our overall editors pick. 

The Rabbit Air A3 SPA-1000N is the most powerful air purifier in the Rabbit Air family, comes with a 5 year warranty for peace of mind. The main filter has an extremely long lifecycle of around 2 years based on 12 hours of daily use. The purifier unit is capable of cleaning a space of up to 1,000 square feet and is almost completely silent when running with a noise level of 20 decibels. 

You can customize the filter setup and choose from 4 different options to target specific air cleaning needs which include the following:

  • germ defense
  • odor
  • pet allergy 
  • toxin absorber

The filter process includes 6 stages or air cleaning and uses Laser Particle Sensing Technology, Rabbit Air’s proprietary BioOS HEPA filter and finishes the process off with an ionizer which works by creating a static charge around the airborne contaminants that are floating around your room to make air feel fresh and vibrant.

The 6 stage filtration process includes the following steps:

  • Pre-filter
  • Medium filter
  • Carbon filter
  • BIOGS HEPA filter
  • Customized filter stage
  • Ioniser

This purifier really comes into its own by way of customization and personality as you can really make the A3 tailored to your needs via the customisable filter options and the variety of different artwork panels on offer. 

The app can be used to monitor cleaning progress and gives a reading of particle density at 1, 2.5 and 10 levels. You can use the app to change fan speeds, change light schemes and settings as well as control the scheduler, timer or sleep mode.   

The A3 also has Amazon Alexa support so once setup can be controlled via voice commands which is a nice plus. Although it doesn’t currently support Google Home smart devices.

Finally the purifier is very easy to wall mount as it comes with everything you need and even a handy wall bracket which has an inbuilt spirit level!

The unit can also be wall mounted upside down to allow placement closer to the ceiling and to help maximize cleaning capabilities. 

All around this is a great unit and well worthy of the price tag as it has a feature set and cleaning capability that will remain cutting edge for years to come. Also the A3 benefits from all the product development and enhancements that the Rabbit Air brand has achieved over their years of being in operation. 

The most direct comparable to the A3 is obviously its predecessor the MinusA2. The Ultra Quiet A3 beats out the MinusA2 on a number of fronts. 

Firstly the A3’s CADR rating of 315 outperforms the MinusA2 max of 200. The A3 has larger space footage capability 1,070 square feet to the MinusA2’s 700-800 square feet. The A3 can be mounted upside down whereas the MinusA2 can only be mounted right side up. 

The Ultra Quiet A3 has programmable light options whereas the MinusA2 only has preset options. 

Finally the Ultra Quiet A2 has better wifi and bluetooth connectivity, which is only available in the MinusA2 submodel the SPA-780N. 

All of these factors make the Ultra Quiet A3 our top choice for a wall mounted air purifier solution.

Coverage1070 square feet 
CADR Rating315
Max Decibels / Noise Levelup to 20 dB
Power Consumption (wattage)up to 60 watts

Medify MA-45

$350 range

Alen – brand profile (air purifiers)


  • Sleek and minimal design
  • Medical grade filtering process


  • No app integration
  • No smart phone compatibility 
  • No child lock

Medify MA-45 features

  • Touch control panel
  • Remote control
  • Timer and sleep mode 
  • 0-12 hour timer 
  • Filter replacement indicator 
  • Dimmer for sleep mode

The Medify MA-45 is a great option for larger rooms and those with a mid sized budget. The purifier has a range of 772 square feet and an impressive CADR of 380. The increased range of improved CADR scores are pretty much the key differences between the MA-35 and the MA-45. Most other differences come down to look and feel and less crucial features or settings like the MA-45 lacks a child lock and lesser timer range than the MA-35.

The MA-45 uses a 3 stage air filtering process consisting of a pre-filter for handling the larger particles in the air, a Medical grade true HEPA filter and then a carbon composite stage to handle odors, VOCs and other toxins in the air.

The purifier is available in white and black versions and has a visual design very similar to the Playstation 5, which is both stylish and nondescript. Meaning that the purifier wouldn’t look out of place or draw unwanted attention in most settings like a home, office or small business reception area. 

Medify offers a lifetime guarantee on the unit if their own branded replacement filters are used. The purifier has 4 fan speeds, max noise level when operating is 66 decibels and has a good range of settings and options including timers, sleep modes, a remote control and a touch screen settings panel.

It does lack features like app or smart device integration but the main plus is it can be used in a wall mounted position or as a desktop purifier. 

Another solid product from Medify but hard to distinguish between the MA-35 and MA-45 except for look and feel so will ultimately come down to a question of visual preferences.

Coverageup to 772 square feet 
CADR Rating380
Max Decibels / Noise Levelup to 66 dB
Power Consumption (wattage)up to 55 watts

Air Aura

$600 range

Alen – brand profile (air purifiers)


  • Clean minimal design 
  • App – Google Home and Alexa 
  • Lots of real-time air quality information


  • Pricey 
  • No controls or display on the device itself

Air Aura features

  • HEPA filter 
  • Activated carbon filter stage
  • Auto, low, high and silent modes

The Air Aura purifier is one of the only models we found which boasts support for Google Home as well as Amazon Alexa smart home devices. 

This purifier has been on the market for a few years now (since August 2021) and is one of two products available from the brand. 

Its design is very sleek and unique and as such would be well suited to most living or work environments. 

It comes in at quite a hefty price point but does boast a lot of features, functionality and insane amounts of performance data via the companies app. 

The purifier uses a 4 stage air cleaning process which begins which a pre-filter for removing larger airborne particles, utilizes UV-C light via an LED, then goes through their own proprietary ray-filter active carbon stage which removes odors, smells, harmful gasses, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The final stage is a sterionizer which restores ion levels in the air by sending positive and negative ions into the air. This process makes the air in a room feel fresher and cleaner and generally more pleasant.   

The main selling point of the Air Aura is the phone app which can tell real-time info about air quality levels and can alert you when pollution levels drop to certain levels. This is great if you need this level of granular info!

Coverageup to 600 square feet 
CADR Rating206
Max Decibels / Noise Levelup to 64 dB
Power Consumption (wattage)up to 60 watts

Rabbit Air MinusA2

$600 range

Alen – brand profile (air purifiers)


  • Industry leading purification technology and features
  • World renowned brand 
  • Custom front panels featuring artwork 
  • Tailored 6 stage filter process (odors, pet, toxin or germ defense)
  • Long filter lifecycle (2 years)


  • Suitable for high budget range 
  • Has been superseded by the Rabbit Air A3 purifier

Rabbit Air MinusA2 features

  • 6 stage air filtering process 
  • Customisable filter options – odors, pet, toxin and germ defense
  • Versatile look and feel – range of different covers
  • Smart features – sleep mode
  • Touch panel controls on the front of the purifier
  • Air quality indicator 
  • Removal floor stand 
  • Remote control 
  • Rabbit Air phone app integration
  • Works with Amazon Alexa

The MinusA2 from Rabbit Air was previously seen as the best in class for mid-level price range wall mounted air purifiers. It is still an incredibly advanced and versatile option due to interchangeable front panels ability to use desktop or wall mounted, customizable filter options (odor removal, pet allergies, toxin removal or germ defense) and overall elegant look and feel. 

The introduction of the Rabbit Air Ultra Quiet A3 has seen the MinusA2 become a less favored option as despite the A3’s higher price tag, for the extra money you get a lot more features including large square footage range, programmable light options and better wifi and bluetooth connectivity options. 

Despite all of this the MinusA2 is still a stellar option for those looking to purify a slightly smaller space or who are comfortable with the extensive feature set the MinusA2 has to offer!

Coverageup to 815 square feet 
CADR Rating360
Max Decibels / Noise Levelup to 45 dB
Power Consumption (wattage)up to 47 watts

Newpad KJ460

$120 range

Alen – brand profile (air purifiers)


  • 3 in 1 desktop, floor or wall options 
  • Comes with back bracket for wall setup + screws are supplied 
  • 4 stage filter process (cloth, pre-filter, carbon, HEPA) 
  • Easy access – Front display and controls


  • Wood / gray is only color option 
  • No phone app options

Newpad KJ460 features

  • Washable nylon cloth cover 
  • Auto mode, eco, sleep
  • Remote control 
  • Air quality indicator 
  • Front and side air intakes 
  • Touch controls on unit

The Newpad is probably one of the most recent additions to the market in terms of wall mounted air purifiers, it first became available in July 2022 and has already established itself as a great wall mounted option. 

Basically the Newpad is a 3 in 1 option as the unit can be wall mounted (all kit you need for wall mounting is supplied), used as a floor or desktop purifier. It has a unique but subtle design which incorporates a washable nylon cloth cover which is removable. 

This initial washable nylon and pre-filter cover catches particles above 10 microns and then the internal HEPA filter and activated carbon stages clean and purify the air. 

The Newpad has a range of 1,080 square feet and a CADR of 210. It’s a very quiet unit and runs at 20 decibels on eco mode which is almost silent. The front panel controls mean you can easily monitor and alter the settings of the unit via the touch screen panel.

This is a great budget and no frills option for a first time air purifier buyer, but may lack the more advanced features if you are looking for app or smart devices integration. But all around a solid entry level choice.

Coverageup to 1080 square feet 
CADR Rating210
Max Decibels / Noise Levelup to 20 dB
Power Consumption (wattage)up to 32 watts

CleanZonez Filtration System

$70 range

Alen – brand profile (air purifiers)


  • Good desktop option 
  • Very affordable 
  • Soft touch control panel


  • Design feels somewhat dated
  • Unclear on CADR level 
  • Will likely upgrade soon after purchase

CleanZonez Filtration System features

  • UC-V light
  • Air quality monitor 
  • Eco mode

There’s not much to say about this purifier other than you get what you pay for really. It comes with everything you need for wall mounting and has some useful features. 

But realistically if you are going to buy an air purifier on a budget, the Newpad is worth saving up for over the CleanZonez as it has a lot more features and looks a whole lot better. Personally I feel the look of this unit is pretty dated and even ugly. 

The most compelling reason to buy this model is a very tight budget, low level of caring about the look of the unit or needing something suitable for a desktop setting. 

Honestly if you buy this model you are likely to want to upgrade quite quickly so may as well go for the next level up in the first place.

Coverageup to 100 square feet 
CADR Rating65
Max Decibels / Noise LevelN/A
Power Consumption (wattage)N/A


$75 range

Alen – brand profile (air purifiers)


  • Easy to set up 
  • Great price point
  • Flexible – comes with stand or wall mount kit 
  • Cool retro design and 70s vibe 
  • Minimal central three speed top operating dial


  • No smart features like app integration or smart home device compatibility 
  • No touch display 
  • Activated carbon filter is an optional extra
  • No true HEPA filter
  • No product guarantee


  • CADR 70 
  • 110 square feet room size 
  • Filter lifecycle 6 months

This option from IKEA means you can pick up an air purifier from a well-known brand which represents cutting edge design affordability and accessibility. 

This purifier is great for someone that has never owned a purifier or wants to test out the product concept in general but doesn’t want to get bogged down in technical specs or performance but just wants something affordable, well designed and easy to operate. If this sounds like you then the FÖRNUFTIG is a good choice.

However it would be remiss to not point out some of the flaws for more informed buyers. The main ones being it has no true HEPA filter, activated carbon filtering stage is extra, IKEA offers no guarantee on the product and its feature set is very limited. 

The up side is it’s very cheap, looks great and is incredibly easy to use, install and operate.

Coverageup to 110 square feet 
CADR Rating70
Max Decibels / Noise Levelup to 58 dB
Power Consumption (wattage)up to 22 watts

Germ Guardian GG1000

$40 range

Alen – brand profile (air purifiers)


  • Can be placed wherever you there’s a power outlet
  • Easy to set up
  • Mobile and can be moved wherever it is needed


  • Not a true HEPA filter
  • The technology used can make buzzing sounds 
  • Light Bulb will need replacing every 10-12 months

Germ Guardian GG1000 features

  • Plug in air cleaner 

This a very left field choice for a buyers guide about wall mounted air purifiers as the GG1000 is not wall mounted. 

It’s actually a plug in filter that can be used wherever you have a power outlet. 

This means it can be bought very cheaply (around $40) and moved around the home to quickly tackle air quality issues as and when needed. 

The plug in filter uses UV-C light to clean the air so performs very differently to the other air cleaners mentioned in this guide but deserves inclusion as it could be the perfect solution for someone on a very small budget or who is living in a very small environment.

Coverageup to 167 square feet 
CADR Rating125
Max Decibels / Noise Levelup to 61 dB
Power Consumption (wattage)up to 20 watts


Alen – brand profile (air purifiers)


  • Small unit size
  • Circular design
  • Easy of access to controls


  • Can be hard to find

Webetop features

  • 4 fan speeds
  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • Sleep mode 
  • Air quality sensor 
  • Auto mode

The Webetop is a wall mounted purifier which uses a 6 stage cleaning process like the Rabbit Air products but is a much smaller unit and comes in at a fraction of the cost of more turbo charged purifiers from other brands. 

It’s a good option if you are looking for a small rounded unit which you can control directly on the unit itself.

Coverageup to 322 square feet 
CADR Rating125
Max Decibels / Noise Levelup to 61 dB
Power Consumption (wattage)up to 20 watts

Blueair Pro XL

$400 range

Alen – brand profile (air purifiers)


  • Incredible quality purifier 
  • Well known and respected brand


  • Expensive option 
  • Additional costs for wall mounting kit

Blueair Pro XL features

  • Touch control panel on top of unit
  • Smart sensors – auto air quality monitor
  • Auto fan speed setting – auto air monitoring system
  • Anti-bacterial filters 
  • Fully recyclable filters

The Pro XL from Blueair is a very powerful and technologically advanced purifier which can be switched into a wall mounted option by purchasing a wall mounting kit from Blueair at an additional cost. 

Worth including in this list as the Blueair Pro XL offers an incredible level of air purification which is the culmination of Swedish design and German engineering so would make a good option for those with high level air quality cleaning needs. 

Also a great eco option as the filters can be fully recycled after use.

Coverageup to 1180 square feet 
CADR Rating800
Max Decibels / Noise Levelup to 58 dB
Power Consumption (wattage)up to 120 watts

Reasons to use a wall mounted air purifier

There are plenty of compelling reasons to opt for wall mounting an air purifier over using a unit on a surface area of worse still directly on the floor. We run through a few reasons and explanations below:

Good for small homes as they take up less floor space

Floor space is a premium in small homes or apartments so the last thing you want is belongings and appliances taking up valuable space when they can be placed up and out of the way. 

If space is a consideration and you are constantly battling to find room and surface area then placing your air purifier on the wall makes sense as you can be sure it will clean air more effectively and still have room for items on desktops, desks or countertops.

Small rooms with limited surface tops

If you would like to use an air purifier in a small room like a nursery, study or utility room then there may not be enough countertops or surfaces to place a purifier unit. If you are planning out a tiny space then placing the unit of the wall means it can be up out of the way and maximize the countertops you have for whatever the room needs to work hard at doing! 

Set and forget – no need to move once installed

Once a purifier has been safely fixed to a wall it can be almost forgotten about as you will rarely need to touch or manually control the unit. Especially if you have opted for a model with auto modes, a timer or scheduling feature or can control the purifier unit from an app or remote control. 

The beauty of a wall mounted air purifier is that they can truly be set and forget. Whereas a unit on a surface area of a countertop may need to be moved around or repositioned frequently to make room for other daily items. 

Perfect for offices, hospitals, spas or hotels

The final key benefit of a wall mounted air purifier over a desktop or unit placed on a table, is that they can be utilized well in almost any environment and in some cases can add to the decor and overall feel of a space.

This is particularly true when an air purifier is used in a commercial setting like a beauty spa, salon, hotel lobby or even hospitals. As the presence of an air purifier will reassure visitors that the establishment takes cleanliness seriously and is focused on ensuring a healthy and pollution free environment for people it serves. 

A well positioned air purifier in a commercial setting or even office space can show your care about staff and their need for fresh clean air to help improve focus.

Where to install a wall mounted air purifier

There are a couple of factors to think about when deciding where to place a wall mounted air purifier, most are common sense but there may be some that are less obvious so we have come up with a handy list of dos and don’ts …

Elevated position

Air purifiers work best when off the ground, the best place to install a standard air purifier is just above ground level. Think coffee table, desktop or open plan shelving. But wall mounted air purifiers need to be higher to be the most effective. Generally you should aim to place a wall mounted unit at least 3 to 5 feet off the ground and it’s best to aim for seven feet off the ground.  

This will give the air purifier the best chance to draw in air from all sides and get access to all of the air in the room, not just falling or stale air which is lower down closer to the floor.

Clear of obstructions

Avoid placing your air purifier close to other things on a wall like artwork, shelves for wardrobes as a wall mounted air purifier needs space to breathe! Give your unit a good couple of feet to ensure it can pull in air from all sides and definitely ensure the vents are clear to get the best results.

Electrical interference

Other household electrical appliances like TVs, stereos and computers can emit electric waves which can cause interference with air purifiers. So make sure you avoid placing your air purifier near other electrical appliances. 

Near the source of air pollution

As an air purifier is designed to clean air it only makes sense to position your wall mounted air purifier near known sources of air pollution like pets litter trays, baby changing stations or food prep areas. 

Near airflow sources

Finally tip is to place your wall mounted air purifier near airflow sources like windows or doorways and entrances as this will mean the unit can work extra hard to clean the air directly as it is whipped up by frequent footfall and traffic.

Where not to install a wall mounted air purifier

Conversely there are also a few places you definitely do not want to place your wall mounted air purifier unit. Similar to where to install your unit some of these no nos are obvious and some are more nuanced, so hopefully the info in this list should be helpful …

Not under where you sit

Sounds obvious but it’s not a great idea to place a purifier under where you sit as you are likely to bump your head when you get up and down so don’t place a unit behind or above a sofa.

Not too close to the ceiling

Getting the right distance off the ground and away from the ceiling is a bit of a balance as if you position the air purifier unit too close to the ceiling it won’t have enough room around the unit to pull in air and performance will be negatively affected, the same goes for being too close to the floor. 

Best to aim for 7 feet off the ground and at least 3 feet away from the ceiling.

In a corner

It might be appealing to place the air purifier unit in a corner of the room or on a wall which is located in the corner of the room as it may be less obvious when using a living space and lowers the visual impact of the unit on the room as a whole. 

However positioning a unit near a corner will mean the surrounding air is tricky to pull in and it may be harder for the unit to clean the whole room efficiently. 

So make sure to place it on an open wall away from corners and with enough breathing space around the unit.

High humidity areas

Again it might seem sensible to place an air purifier in an area of your home which has lots of smells and regularly needs the air cleaning like food smells in the kitchen, our bathroom odors which need to be cleared quickly! 

However both of these high smell areas are also high humidity areas due to the frequent presence of water and steam in the air. 

This can be tricky for air purifier units as they will struggle to clean the air effectively and the added moisture which gets pulled into the units will mean the unit and it’s filter will have to work a lot harder which ultimately means a shorter lifecycle for the unit and filter which in hand means more cost and to you which is not good!

Therefore a dehumidifier could be a better solution for clearing the air of moisture.

What to look for in a wall mounted air purifier

In general when buying or researching an air purifier it is important to consider the following features or performance levels:

  • CADR rating 
  • Coverage area in square feet 
  • Noise levels when on high and low modes
  • Wattage 
  • Lifetime of the filter

However when choosing a wall mounted air purifier it’s also important to consider the following factors specifically:

The dimensions of the unit

This will really depend on the size of the room the unit will be used in but again it’s a case of getting the right mix. Choose a unit that is too small on a big wall and it will look lost and silly, choose a unit which is too big on a small wall or space and it will be overbearing and obtrusive. Definitely a case of goldilocks and three bears and hunting for something which is just right in terms of size.

Look of the unit

The same goes for the look and aesthetics of the air purifier unit. Most air purifiers are well designed, sleek and modern but you will need to decide upon a unit which adds to a room or living spaces decor and interior design to make it feel part of the design and feel of the room rather than sticking out and feeling obtrusive and out of place. Go for a unit which you like the look of and feel happy to have in a room.

Installation kit

When choosing which wall mounted air purifier to go for it’s also important to think about how the unit is going to be attached to the wall or surface and what installation kit comes with the unit. The material of the wall may have an impact on which wall the unit ends up being attached to. For example it will be very challenging to fit a wall mounted unit to a stone wall as drilling is required. 

So go for a unit which is the right weight, size and installation type for the surface or wall material you are working with.

How to install a wall mounted air purifier

How to set up a wall mounted air purifier will depend on the model and what installation kit is provided. Generally speaking, wall mounted purifiers are relatively easy to install and set up if you have some experience with DIY or renovation work and all the tools you need will be supplied.

In most cases you will need a pencil to mark where you want to place the unit, drill or a screwdriver to fix the wall bracket in place, a spirit level to make sure everything is straight and maybe a way to tidy cables like cable ties or bands.

Installation should only take a small amount of time and be pretty much mess free.

Some purifiers even come with handy wall mounting guides so you can mark on the wall where you need to make the holes. We even saw a wall bracket which had a built in spirit level on one of the models we tested which is pretty handy.

If you need to drill holes for dowels or plugs then the best way to do this is to following the below steps:

  • Mark where you want place the screw with a pencil
  • Hammer a nail into the pencil mark so you can start the hole for the drill with a guide hole
  • Drill into the guide hole, slowly to avoid the hole tearing or cracking the wall
  • Pop the dowel or wall plug into place
  • Use a drill on a slow setting or manually screw the screw in with a screwdriver
  • Attach the air purifier unit to the wall as described in the manufacturers instructions

Can any purifier be wall mounted?

I mean with enough determination and sticky tape probably yes. However not all air purifiers are designed to be wall mounted and it’s probably best to stick to wall mounted ones which have been designed to be used in that way.

Not least because they have been specifically designed to operate when flat on a wall, whereas standard air purifiers haven’t. This means they will be super effective at cleaning air when situated on a wall. Sticking a standard air purifier to a wall may compromise it’s performance levels and could even be dangerous or cause the unit to malfunction or over heat.

You could even attach a standard air purifier to a wall with double sided sticky tape but it’s not a great idea as it may become loose over time and fall off and could give you a nasty bump on the head, so best off sticking to wall mounting air purifiers which have been designed for being used like this!

Wall mounted air purifier FAQs

Unlike the wider air purifier marketplace there are only a limited number of air purifier models to choose from when looking for a wall mounted unit.

Ultimately the choice of which is the best wall mounted air purifier will depend on your specific needs and preferences. However, of all the units we have researched, tested and assessed the following top 10 products provide something for everyone, whether you are looking for a high end medical grade unit with a lot of advanced features or something more budget and straight forward. There’s a few options with remote control, phone app integration or even smart home device compatibility.

For those looking for something design led there are great options from Ikea, Rabbit Air which will compliment the design aesthetics and interior design of a space nicely.

Also we have listed a few options for alternative ways to wall mount an air purifier like a plug in option or a choice which can be used in multiple modes so wall mounted, desktop or on a floor or slightly off the ground like the Newpad.

Check out and compare the technical specifications and various features of our top 10 wall mounted air purifiers in the table below:

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