26 reasons to buy an air purifier (including problems + solutions)

There are so many great reasons to buy an air purifier and lots of ways that owning a purifier can improve the quality of air at work or home.

The most common reasons people buy an air purification device is dust removal, to tackle pet hair, remove odors or help reduce congestion and allergies like asthma.

However, there are lots of other lesser known reasons to need an air purifier too!

This comprehensive list has been put together to present some of the lesser known reasons why people may benefit from an air purification device.

Each of the 26 reasons outlined in this list have been presented with a problem and solution, outlining how an air purifier can help with the listed issues.

We hope this list gives you some ideas of how you would benefit from an air purifier.

After the list of reasons to buy an air purifier, we have outlined our top 10 air purifier products picks for your consideration.

Now for the list of 26 reasons why people need an air purifier in their life!

Air quality

Air pollution is a concern whether at home or in the workplace. Not having fresh, clean air can impact on energy levels, sleep and attention span. Looking to improve air quality is one of the main reasons for people to buy an air purifier.

Problem – Poor air quality, pollution and airborne dust or chemicals.

Solution – Purifiers fitted with HEPA filters remove dust particles down to 0.3 microns in size with 99% efficiency! Resulting in fresh and clean air.

Airborne germs and bacteria

Germs and bacteria can be very bad for health physical and mental health. Living somewhere where germs are allowed to gather and breed will mean frequent illness, colds and generally feeling run down a lot of the time.

Problem – Wanting to ensure the air of your home, office or apartment is as clean as it possibly can be!

Solution – Ensuring airborne germs are removed from the air of your home by using a purifier.


Working to reduce the levels of dust, pollen, hair and debris from the air, which can help improve breathing and air quality. Also reducing the need for frequent cleaning.

Problem – Lots of dust in the home which is affecting breathing and quality of life.

Solution – Grab a HEPA filter air purifier which will remove any airborne dust!


Hay fever and pollen sensitivity is no run and can means running noses, congested eyes and sniffling during the Summer months.

Trees, grass and flowers can all contribute to pollen and irritation for pollen sufferers. Living somewhere surrounded by trees or flowers can seem idyllic and picturesque but can be challenge for some people.

Problem – High pollen count affecting eyes, nose and congestion.

Solution – Use an air purifier to reduce airborne pollen and debris from plants or trees.


Allergies can come in many forms and result in coughs, sneezing or congestion. Air purifiers can be used to lessen the impact and symptoms of allergies.

Problem – Living conditions triggering allergies or sensitivities.

Solution – Purifiers can help reduce the symptoms or allergies by ensure air quality is high and easy to breath.

Often get colds

Colds and viruses thrive on germs and bacteria in the home so working to ensure your home is free of germs, dust and airborne bacteria will help reduce the number of colds you catch.

Problem – Homes often have a lot of germs and bacteria which means you can catch a cold or virus whilst at home

Solution – Use an air purifier to capture airborne germs and bacteria to prevent catching or coming down with frequent colds and viruses.

Respiratory Problems such as asthma

Asthma is a medical condition which can result in sudden difficulty with breathing and affects a large number of people.

Problem – Poor air quality may be causing frequent asthma attacks or heightening symptoms which causes discomfort.

Solution – A purifier can assist with reducing the effects of asthma and reduce the impact of airborne particles.

Better sleep

Lots of people finding it easier to sleep when the air is clean and air quality is high. Air purifiers can be used to improve air quality whilst sleeping and purifiers often feature sleep mode settings. This means the purifier runs quietly and won’t impact on your rest at night.

Problem – Poor air quality is causing difficulty with sleeping at night or getting to sleep.

Solution – Improve air quality and provide a comforting white noise via the addition of a air purifier to your bedroom.

Pet hair and dander

Capturing and removing pet hair and dander from our furry friends in the home, can help reduce the impact of allergies and a carbon filter air purifier can reduce pet related smells!

Problem – Pet hair can get everywhere and also some pets can result in unwanted smells

Solution – Air purifiers fitted with carbon filter remove pet hair and also remove unwanted pet smells

Unwanted smells and odors

Everyday life can result in lots of unwanted smells from cooking, damp, clothes, smoke or kids (and adults) farting!

Problem – Smells at home from lots of sources like food, clothes, damp.

Solution – Tackle the smells of life from cooking and cleaning to unwanted odors.

Neighbors: smells or dust

If you live in an apartment or close proximity to your neighbor you may be subject to smells or unwanted bi-products like smoke or fume. An air purifier can be a good solution to reduce the impact!

Problem – Unwanted smells or smoke chemicals from neighbors impacting on your quality of air

Solution – Placing an air purifier near an adjoining wall help to reduce the impact of smells coming from a neighbor


When pregnant you will be worried about making sure your baby is given the best start possible to grow, develop and enjoy their new life in the womb.

Problem – Being worried about fumes and air pollution affecting your unborn baby and wanting to ensure they and your mother gets the best quality air possible.

Solution – Use an air purifier at home or at work when pregnant to ensure the highest air quality possible and reduce risks from unwanted fumes, dust or allergens.

Small kids or new baby

Young children and babies are sensitive to change in air quality and easily affected by poo air quality during the day and when sleeping. Kids are prone to picking up colds and viruses frequently but an air purifier can remove unwanted germs or bacteria.

Problem – Worried about the quality or air your children are breathing in or having kids who are already experience breathing or asthma related issues.

Solution – Clear air at home or when small children and babies are sleeping to reduce the likelihood of congestion or breathing issues.

Elderly or live with elderly

If you share your home with elderly relatives or are worried about a old relative living alone, then an air purifier can be a good solution to ensure they reduce the risk of chest or breathing issues.

Problem – Older people are prone and high risk to chest and congestion issues.

Solution – An air purifier can improve air quality or the homes of your elderly relatives.

Mold and mildew

Internal bathrooms and washrooms can be difficult to keep dry and often are common places for mold and mildew to form. Mold can impact on living conditions in terms of smell, air quality and can cause chest problems.

Problem – Mold is resulting in unwanted smells and spreading quickly.

Solution – Air purifiers can be used to reduce the impact and spread of mold or mildew, which can negatively impact of living condition quality.

Construction work nearby

If your neighbors or nearby places of work are carrying out construction it may impact on your air quality and result in high levels of air pollution. Dust and fumes are common unpleasant presents from residential neighbors or nearby places of work.

Problem – Build up of dust, fumes and air pollution from nearby offices or home as a result of construction or remodelling.

Solution – Remove dust and air pollution coming from your homes neighbors or nearby office from your own workplace or home.

Living or working in a high traffic area

If you live or work near a busy road, trainline or highway the level of air pollution and noise levels can have a negative impact on sleep, concentration and air quality.

Problem – Poor air quality due to smog, transport fumes, or airborne debris from roads, railways or motorbikes.

Solution – Close all windows and use an air purifier frequently to clear, clean and freshen the air in your home or office which may be subject to fumes and airborne debris from roads, trainlines or highways.


Remodelling or re-decorating can result in a lot of dust being created from stripping existing paint, sanding or even moving furniture around. Even after work has been completed your will find air quality is noticeably reduced.

Problem – Decorating, painting or remodelling has resulted in reduced air quality, unwanted fumes, smells and chemicals in the air.

Solution – Clear the air after remodelling with an air purifier and use a carbon fitted purifier to get rid of unwanted fumes, odors and smells.

New furniture

New furniture can often have a strange smell until it settles into your home and can be a bit off putting especially if you have spent a lot of money on your new items.

Problem – Unboxing smell from new furniture or home décor items

Solution – Use an air purifier fitted with a carbon filter to tackle new item smells.

Toxins (paint fumes, chemical cleaners)

If you are repainting a room in your home or office, it can result in a lot of dust when preparing and also fumes after painting. Even non-toxic and fume free paints emit chemicals which noticeably reduce air quality and can result in a tightness in your chest. Small children in a newly painted home are also a concern as they are more sensitive to changes in air quality.

Problem – Unwanted fumes and chemicals in the air due to painting.

Solution – Use an air purifier to remove fumes and odors from the air after painting and improve air quality quickly.

Smoke or live with or near a smoker

If you live with or nearby a smoker you will know the second-hand smoke and fumes get into every nook and cranny or your home or workplace.

Problem – Smoke, fumes and ash being brought into your office or home as a result of your own smoking or nearby smokers.

Solution – Use a carbon filter fitted air purifier to remove unwanted smells, smoke, fumes and ash from your air and work to increase air quality.

Fireplace: dust and ashes

If you have a log burning fire or coal fire at home you will know they can make a lot of mess and generate airborne pollution as a result of smoke, fumes and ash. A log fire can also emit harmful chemical into the air and should be ventilated to avoid chest or breathing issues.

Problem – Smoke, dust and ash resulting from a log burner fire or stove in the home.

Solution –  Station an air purifier in your home nearby the fire to remove smoke, fumes and tackle ash and dust which is emitted into the air from the fire.

New apartment

Moving into a new apartment, complex or condo can mean a build-up of dust, stale air and general poor air quality. Also moving furniture around can mean settled dust is pushed into the air!

Problem – Lots of stale and old air and settled dust and general poor air quality in a new home.

Solution – Use an air purifier to improve stale air, capture recently disturbed dust.

Forest fire risk zone

If you live in an area which is close to or in a high risk of forest fire zone then you may want to invest in an air purifier to remove smoke and fumes from nearby forest fires.

Problem – Unwanted fumes, smoke, dust and ash from nearby forest fires which is being carried into your home by strong winds.

Solution – Setup an air purifier to remove unwanted smoke, dust or ash and use a carbon filter purifier to remove unwanted smells and odors from forest fires.

Living in a big or inner city

Living in a big city surrounded by concrete can impact on your mental wellbeing due to a detachment to nature. Filling your apartment with plants can encourage a connection to nature but working to improve air quality in an inner city apartment can have a positive impact on mental health and physical wellbeing.

Problem – High air pollution and lack of connection to nature is affecting mental and physical health

Solution – Pair an air purifier with plants in an apartment to increase air quality and wellbeing

Cleaning chemicals

If you regularly clean your home and use household chemical cleaners they can leave lingering smells which some may find pleasant but offers may want to remove.

Problem – Unwanted smells from chemical cleaners.

Solution – Remove smell via the use of an air purifier which features a carbon filter.

Phew … that’s all folks!

After reading through that list, I’m pretty sure anyone can find one or two reasons why they would benefit from an air purifier!

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