Best air purifier brands (list of 40+ brands with top products)

Choosing which air purifier to buy can be a daunting and time consuming task.

There are so many things to consider when selecting a purifier and there are a huge range of products from a wide selection of brands on offer to choose from.

This guide has been written to help people save hours of time which would have been spent on research. Designed to help readers get a quick understanding of the air purification marketplace in terms of best brands.

Use this mega list of 40+ brands to quickly understand the best brands and the top 3 products for each brand!

The list is based on hours of research which was spent looking into companies product offerings, air purification processes and features.

Researching which air purifier to buy … feeling overwhelmed?

When first researching air purifiers, it can all feel a little overwhelming and time spent shopping around can lead to even more questions!

  • How much money should I expect to spend?
  • What are the best brands?
  • What features do I really need?
  • What are the different types of filters?
  • How do purifiers work?
  • How often will I need to change filters?
  • Are filters expensive?
  • What does ACH and CADR even mean!

This guide and accompanying list of best air purifier brands, is a great way to the show various product ranges of brands, give an idea of brands top products and show the depth of their product ranges. Also the huge list of brands will suit a wide range of budgets and different reasons for buying a purifier.

Hopefully this guide will help people understand what features to look for when selecting a purifier, highlight the best brands around and ensure that people get good value for money when they buy an air purifier.

We have reviewed over 40+ brands selling air purifiers and believe this list to be the most comprehensive around!

This guide has been produced based on customer review data and selling performance, rather than opinions.

We have painstakingly analysed thousands of customer reviews to understand the common pros and cons for the brands and products listed.

This means the information in the list is based on what buyers and users of purifiers are saying, not what the brands tell us about their own products.

Key reasons for buying an air purifier

Before we dive into the best brands and top products list, it is important to think about the key considerations when choosing which air purifier to buy and what reasons have led you to research air purifiers in the first place.

Air quality

There are lots of reasons people ‘need’ an air purifier, but generally people want to buy a purifier for their home or office workplace, as purifiers can improve air quality and reduce the effects of air pollution.

Improving air quality can help to improve health, reduce stress and even result in a better night’s sleep. Buying an air purification device can seem like a luxury purchase, but it could also be seen as a long term investment.

Many owners of air purifiers have stated that they saw a dramatic difference in their quality of life after purchasing an air purifier and wished they had bought one sooner!

Other common reasons for buying an air purifier could be:

Airborne germs and bacteria

Wanting to ensure the air of your home, office or apartment is as clean as it possibly can be!


Working to reduce the levels of dust, pollen, hair and debris from the air, which can help improve breathing and air quality.


Help reduce the symptoms or allergies or congestion by ensure air quality is high and as a result, easy to breath.


Assist with reducing the effects of asthma, by lessening the impact of airborne particles in your home or workplace.

Pet hair and dander

Capturing pet hair and dander from our furry friends can help reduce the impact of allergies and air purifiers featuring carbon filters work well to reduce smells and odors from pets.


Air purifiers fitted with carbon filtration systems, tackle the smells of everyday life from cooking and cleaning, to unwanted odors from cleaning chemicals or paint when remodelling.

Mold and mildew

People often use air purifiers to reduce the impact and spread of mold and mildew. Mold and damp can have a negative impact of living condition and quality of life.

Better sleep

Lots of people finding it easier to sleep when the air is clean and air quality is high.

Air purifiers can be used to improve air quality whilst sleeping and often feature sleep mode settings.

This mode means the purifier runs quietly which reduces the impact on your nights rest.

Some purifiers even feature a night light feature which can be comforting when resting at night.

Key considerations when choosing an air purifier

As mentioned, choosing an air purifying can be an overwhelming task, as brands create a long list of features and benefits which are hard to sift through.

It is important to understand what buying considerations should be focused on when selecting which air purifier to buy.

You may not need all the features listed by brands and want to avoid spend extra money for a more expensive air purifier when it isn’t needed.

The main things to consider when selecting a purifier or reviewing products on offer from a brand are the following:

Filter type 

How does the purifier work to clean air, how many stages of purification does the item use and what quality assurances like HEPA filters or accreditations does the purifier boast?

Filter replacements 

How often do filters need to be replaced and what do they cost, are filters washable?


What features does the purifier boast. Does it have timer settings, a sleep mode, a nightlight, how many fans speeds etc.

Noise levels 

If you are intending to sleep in the same room as the purifier, it is important to know how loud the device is when running.

Room capability 

What room of your home will you use the purifier in most, can the purifier cover an area of this size? Ideally look for purifiers with a CADR of above 300.

Size of the purifier unit

Is the purifier small enough to move to different rooms easily if needs be? How heavy is the purifier?

Design and style 

Some air purifiers are ugly grey boxes, whilst other feature sleek product designs and come in a range of colours. Is the look of an air purifier important to you?


Prices of air purifiers can vary wildly depending on power, range and filter types. Do you have a set amount in mind which you would like to spend?

What to think about when choosing an air purifier brand

Some people see an item they like and then work backwards to learn more about the brand which offers the product.

Whilst others select the brand first and then look into what products and range of items they offer.

There is no right or wrong way to approach researching or buying an item like an air purifier, but knowing what to look for reviewing brands can be helpful.

The main considerations when reviewing air purifier brands can include the following:

Brand reputation 

Is the brand well known and does it inspire trust? Do they offer very specific products and as a result are relatively unknown until you go looking for an air purifier.

For example, Dyson is a well-known brand who sells air purifications devices but may not be as specific as a brand who only sells air purification equipment.

There are plenty of brands who just sell air purifiers that are not household names but sell exceptionally high quality products.

Don’t be put off by a brand name you have not heard of.

This is really a matter of personal choice, some people may want to go with a brand they know and trust whilst others may want to seek out a specialist air purifier brand.

Customer reviews 

Customer reviews can be a gold mine for understanding what people think about a brand and its products.

Reviews from people who own the air purifier take you away from sales copy and the slick and shiny websites of the brand itself.

Reading through customer reviews can give you a quick idea of what people think about the brand, its products, customer support and common issues.

Number of products available

How many products does the brand sell, if they stock multiple air purifiers then the company may have spent longer carrying out marketplace and product research.

It could be argued that brands selling multiple types of air purifiers may have better product experience than a newly established brand, which only one product on the market!

Price range of products

Does the pricing of the brand reflect your budget or do they sell items for an industrial market which carry a hefty price tag.

Price is a weigh up, as spend too little and the standard of the product could be low meaning needing to buy another purifier in the near future.

Spend too much and you could be forking out wasted cash for features and functions you will never use!

Product features offered 

Are the products offered by the brand extensive and match those offered by competitors. Do the items the brand offers meet all your needs, such as timer, sleep mode, night light.

Guarantees or warranty packages 

When you buy an air purifier from the brand, does it come with quality assurances like a guarantee, warranty package or clear customer support channels.

How this guide is structured, why and how to use it

Rather than just provide a big old list of brands and vague company info and sales copy from brands themselves, we wanted to create a resource which is useful and can be easily used by people to decide which air purifier brands to buy from and help understand which brands they can trust.

Top products for each brand

We have highlighted what we feel are the top products on offer from each of the 40+ brands and listed out up to 3 key products for each brand.

We have chosen the top 3 products for each brand, based on customer reviews content, selling performance and product features and price range.

Number of products available from each brand

We have also given an idea of how many different air purifiers each brands sells.

The list is based on brands, rather than top air purifier products, as understanding the brands behind the products can help people to understand the air purifier marketplace quickly.

There are a lot of top purifier lists but these don’t tend to take into consideration the product range offered by the related brand, just focus on individual products.

We believe that the wider product offering of a brand should be taken into account when choosing which purifier to buy.

For example if you were to buy a cheaper model from a well established brand that had a solid reputation and wider product range. This would potentially give more confidence than buying a cheap item from a brand which is new to the purification market.

Top 5 brands 

For brands to make it into the top 5, they had to have good performance across customer reviews, selling performance, brand profile and quality assurances like compelling warranties and great customer support.

The top 5 brands listed represent the best in class in terms of product offering, features and pricing.

These are the top 5 air purifier brands who offer top class products that are the best in class and suit a range of needs and budgets.

Top 10 brands 

Next is the top 10 brands, these brands have more range in terms of price, product offering and quality. All great brands with very high quality items on offer.

Top 20 brands 

The top 20 brands represents the wider marketplace and includes brands which may have a smaller range of products on offer, be lesser known brands or new to the market.

Rest of the bunch (21 to 44 brands)

This is the rest of the running field and includes some lesser known brands who may have unproven product history and lower customer satisfaction levels.


Hopefully this in-depth and extensive guide to air purifier brands and their key products has helped save some time which otherwise would have been spent on researching which products and air purification device to buy.

Whatever reason you have for buying an air purifier, we hope this guide has been useful to quickly understand the range of brands and products available and what to think about when making your purchase!

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